Council Members

Darren Mellor-Clark


My family and I have been living in Brailes for a little over six years, having moved here from London in September 2017. I wouldn’t say that we’re fully immersed in the village as yet, but it’s a small milestone that people no longer refer to our home as “John Dudridge’s house”! I like to think I’ve done my best to contribute to village life, having served as a governor at the school for a couple of years (during the transition to academy trust status), helped to set up the COVID support group in the village and donned a dress for the village panto (a very svelte size 22). If COVID taught me anything it was the power of community, the value of belonging as opposed to valuing my belongings. As part of the parish council I hope to help Brailes thrive as a village – a vibrant home for young and old, a fertile base for our amazing local businesses and a beautiful, verdant, gem in the Cotswolds. Despite a 25 year (and counting) career messing about in international banking and tech companies, I’m very much a novice in parish council matters. I’m looking forward to learning. If I can help you along the way – give me a shout